Features of Gameboy Advance

Graphics and Sound

It has a pretty decent graphics comparable to Sony’s PlayStation. So you can imagine that it is an impressive feat considering the state of the gaming community when it was released. It was only meant to display 2D graphics, but it was later revealed that it is also good in 3D visuals. Also, the sound coming from this console is not that bad. It can play real music unlike the standards beeps made by the previous consoles. However, you can only enjoy it through the use of headphones because there is only one speaker installed in this console. This is to save battery as GBA battery can last for more than 18 hours.



All of the buttons are connected to the system itself. It has the same configuration with the earlier Gameboys. The placement is just different because instead of being under the screen, it is now located on each side of the screen. They also added extra buttons, the L and R, something that is familiar if you are playing Super Nintendo or Nintendo64 controller. They are located in the same place, on top of the console.


We are now experiencing an impressive lineup of games primarily because of the number of developers who contributed. Since it was a huge success, there were several games that even became household names like Zelda or Castlevania. The new games are very impressive in terms of storytelling and graphics. The old games will give you nostalgia, making you remember the good old days.


The Gameboy advance has a minimalist compact design. It has two batteries and can be used for playing for up to 18 hours. It is currently available in five different colors depending on your preference. Multiplayer is also possible through the use of Gameboy Advance Link Cable. You can link up to four consoles at a time. You can also exchange information through Gamecube.

There is no wonder why Gameboy achieved popularity and huge success. It was catered directly to people who want to have fun and discover what they can do in a new technology developed for several years.