7 Things Everyone Should Know About Gameboy Advance

When Gameboy Advance was released in the early 2000’s, it created a huge craze to the gaming community because it was the most advanced at that time. Because of it, a lot of people spent hours indoors unlocking levels after levels in their favorite GBA game if they’re not looking to buy website traffic online.

There were so many developers from all over the world who contributed to its success, developing different games for players to play. For several years, it became a national pastime of kids and adults alike because of the wide array of games available to play by anyone who wants to be entertained.

There are 7 things you should know about this console that made it one of the most special gaming toy of all time.


gbaFact 1: It was in the market for seven years.

It has one of the longest longevity especially nowadays that we are seeing new gadgets every now and then. It was available in the US market for seven years and even longer in other territories. Despite the new console release, it became highly popular still because of its old-school touch. Just like how popular alexa traffic rank chrome app is.

Fact 2: It was Nintendo’s third handheld console.

It took three years for Nintendo to develop this one. It was because they want to innovate and create something that is not available in the market yet so they took their time. To bridge the gap, they released a filler console to satisfy their customers needs. That’s why they created the Gameboy Color.

Fact 3: There were three major hardware version of this console.

The original one, and the most famous one, is almost synonymous to the childhood of most adult gamers nowadays. However, the GBA SP, or special project has a backlighting making it easier to play at night or in the dark. The GBA Micro, is the smallest one, redefining portability.

Fact 4: It played several games that can be compared to Super NES

Because of this, GBA has a lot of ports that can make it compatible to Super NES. This allowed players playing in different consoles share data and play together as they should.


Fact 5: It has one of the biggest libraries in the history of gaming console.

Due to the success it received, there are so many developers and third-party app creators who contributed to its huge library making a number of games available to download and play. It also took advantage of its compatibility with older Nintendo handheld consoles. The same way mobile air traffic control tower does its job.

Fact 6: It serves as an inspiration to innovative peripherals.

Nintendo is the first company to introduce a landscape layout in handheld consoles challenging other companies to develop their own innovations that are centered to the actual needs of their clients.

Fact 7: It sold 81.51 million units worldwide.

It became so popular that just the sheer number of units that it sold during its commercial run is enough to populate its own country. It is a testament to the quality of gaming experience that you’ll receive once you play this game.