About Us

It started as a passion blog that turned into a vocation. At first it was only for fun but now we are taking it seriously because we realized that there are many people like us who love playing and would love to hear new information and be kept updated with the latest trends happening in the industry.


We are gamers and journalists who scour the world of gaming to find relevant and interesting pieces to write about. We want to be in the forefront when there are new updates in the industry so our readers will be on top of it before the rest of the world does. We want to make sure that you are updated!

As writers, we want to translate complicated technical terms into words that people will easily understand. So they are knowledgeable about the things that they are passionate about and they don’t get intimidated with big technical words. We want gaming to be accessible to every kind of people.


Reviews. We focus on doing reviews of new games and new components. We try to be unbiased as possible by having a team of writer review one game and collating all the review materials to come up with a unified stand. That makes us stand out as compared to other website because we are not tied to a specific company.

In-depth Articles. We also do in-depth articles that are very well-researched so our readers will have complete understanding especially if there are news affecting the community. In this way, our readers can form their own opinion regarding sensitive issues that they should be concerned about.