Top 5 Gameboy Advance Games that Will Bring Up Childhood Memories

Gameboy Advance is a huge part of our lives ever since it was released in 2001. It was one of the consoles that truly changed the way we play games and the way we spend our free time. It allowed us to play different games with better graphics, effects, and longer batteries. We have listed some games that will truly bring back those happy childhood memories playing this game.


This game has its own charm that bewitched millions of players internationally. With its brilliant dungeon designs, and puzzle mechanics, it’s understandable that so many people got addicted to it. However, do you know that this game is developed by Capcom and not Nintendo? But it didn’t prevent them from creating this great game.


This was an honest attempt to deliver a game just like Final Fantasy, only in handheld device. And it was a huge success. From a great storyline to great visuals in the game, it was able to form its own cult following from several people in different countries across the globe. It even forced other game creators to do better.


This is the third game in the castlevania series and it is definitely the best one. It employs the use of great storytelling and a great concept, playing with the possibility of living in the future. Although there were doubts prior to its release, it proved that it can actually deliver.

metroid fusion


It was developed by the same team who created super fusion. But it looked like an unrelated release because of its outstanding effects that are way further than super fusion. What the creators did was, they took away all the good elements in Super Fusion and mixed it with their idea to create a fantastic game that people will follow.


This was a very simple game yet it was able to captivate the interest of many. It is a turn-based game wherein you need to defeat the other side using your intelligence and skills in creating proper strategies. It’s really like playing in a war, but following the rules of chess.